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KDM Motorsports Introduction

Enigma, LLC proudly announces the addition of KDM Motorsports to its Holdings Sector. KDM Motorsports operates and manages racecars including Enigma's owned 1972 Ford Maverick Super Pro drag race car, "Wendy," currently in upgrade and renovation for late 2023 season demo and preparation for NHRA Div 5 and national event racing in 2024. Wendy is being redesigned as a tribute car to the late Doug Mount (1948-2012), widely known and respected across the Midwest region's drag racing community for his high regard and dedication to integrity and honor from serving in the U.S. Army 1st Cavalry to all around honesty and service to others. Originally Doug's daily driver turned race car "Hocus Pocus," Wendy was sold out of the family legacy in 2015, racing in Central Kansas by owner Terry Sneath, before Enigma's purchase in 2022.

KDM Motorsports has also partnered with HEC Motorsports for management and operation of two Shaw modified stock cars for the 2024 season. HEC Motorsports is born from a nearly 50 year family legacy of stock car racing throughout the Midwest region with dozens of Top 20 and Top 10 points years across multiple family members including an 81 Speedway (Wichita, Kansas) Champion and Hall of Fame inductee. Along with top performing driving, HEC's family are dedicated experts in multiple areas of engine and car building helping produce top running drag and stock race cars for drivers throughout the Midwest. KDM and HEC have many shared interests in promoting motorsports and bringing in wins with top performing vehicles.

Through KDM Motorsports, Enigma looks forward to not only supporting and growing in motorsports, but also engaging in STEM programs in Central Kansas to promote education and participation in general auto tech careers, as well as competitive and recreational motorsports. Enigma strives to give back in all of its endeavours and KDM will be no exception in following with Doug Mount's memory and legacy.

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