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KDM/HEC Motorsports

"The memory of the just is blessed" ~Prov 10:7

"Always Do Right and Life Will Never Be Wrong" ~D. Mount (ca. 1986)


7 July 2023

Carb Tuning, Troubleshooting Coolant Leak, Getting Some Heat on Transmission Gaskets 
Next Up: Tune Up,
 Carb Overhaul, New Fuel Pump 
Still to Come: Chassis Work, New Rear Wheels, Paint, Poss Transmission Work


14 July 2023 

Mid Tune Up and She's HUNGRY
Next Up: Carb overhaul, New fuel pump, Run new fuel lines 
Still to Come: Chassis work, New rear wheels, Paint, Poss trans work

23 July 2023 

Tuned Up and Run Up to Heat - We got her up to heat to reseal gaskets which seem to have resolved an ATF leak -- monitoring throughout the week, and got her on asphalt. Still some slight fine tuning to be done along with some more major work
Next Up: Carb overhaul, Replumb primary fuel line with poss fuel pump replacement, Minor valve tuning in the rockers, Transmission tuning
Still to Come: Chassis check, Body repair and paint, Rear wheel replacement, Graphics


Clearly, we have some significant chassis and body work to get fixed, but at 52 yo, a little "lift, nip and tuck" is acceptable for Doug's lady to restore her beauty.


4 August 2023

Valve Testing, Fuel System Tracing, Fuel Pump, and Chassis Review - Confirmed she can't pass tech as is on her chassis or fuel leaks. Fuel system is a frustration as her bowls won't hold fuel in between firing her up. Also discovered front end alignment issues and opportunity to upsize the drive shaft to carry the increased power that the new fuel system is going to add. So far, transmission is doing well now with gaskets resealed. So, while we wait for parts and time, we fire her up every couple days and she gets a little cruise around the hood. With all that, VERY MUCH looking forward to swing out cage bars along the doors for all the climbing in and over.
Next Up: Carb Overhaul, New Fuel System 
Still to Come: Chassis Work, Alignment, New Rear Wheels, Paint, Poss Transmission Work


12 September 2023

Taking a few little test drives to open her up and blow out some cobwebs. She's soon to go up on jacks for a LOT of work. It's been pretty interesting and exciting to see many of her older fans come out and over to check her out. 

4 October 2023

New fuel pump is ready go in with all new Dash 10 and new larger fuel cell which is going to take some modification and fabrication for sure.

Fuel Pump1.jpg
Fuel Cell 1.jpg

11 October 2023

Finding and dealing with things that make you say WTH!? New regulator mounting and running new fuel line from the rail to the cell definitely cleaner than before.

Regulator 1 11-11-23.jpg

20 January 2024

Overhauled carb and fuel line running and routed safer with the Dash 

Carb Overhaul 1.jpg
Fuel Line.jpg

15 March 2024

Fabricating and engineering for the upgraded larger fuel cell

Fuel Cell 2.jpg
Fabricating 1.jpg

30 March 2024

Cleaning up the old rear wheels -- stripping the black paint and polishing only to find the rear wheels are EXACTLY the replacement being considered. They're ready for new M/T's to come in and be mounted.

Tire 2.jpg
Tire 3.jpg
Tire 1.jpg
Asphalt Transparent


TWO M Logo.jpeg

Thank you to our growing list of Wendy's friends who have contributed assistance, insight, expertise, engineering and support to her transformation in memory and tribute to Doug. Your assistance and support meant the world to this passion project in memory of Doug.

  • Annie Allred

  • Shonda Cate

  • Mike Dreiling

  • Allen Girrens

  • Billy Hardin

  • Josh Long

  • PeeWee Mount

  • Mike Ruth

  • Terry Sneath

  • Samantha Torres

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